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Listen To My Story (CSE)

What is Listen to My Story?

Listen to My Story

Listen to my Story aims to raise awareness of the signs and vulnerabilities of Child Sexual Exploitation. It is a Merseyside wide campaign to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and to educate our communities about the signs and vulnerabilities of CSE. The campaign has its own website which includes helpful advice and information and real stories from children and young people who have been victims.

The link to the website is:

Child Sexual Expoitation involves someone manipulating a young person into doing sexual acts for the benefit or enjoyment of others.

CSE can happen to boys and girls and is a form of child abuse which is against the law.

Trust is gained through persuasion, making a young person feel they have to do something in return.
For example, someone may try and get a young person to do sexual things by:

  • Buying expensive presents, food or clothes
  • Giving money
  • Saying I love you and lavishing attention upon them
  • Offering them a place to stay
  • Taking them out to places
  • Threatening to hurt them or their family
  • Requesting naked photographs, then threatening to send them to their family or post the images on the internet
  • Take part in things they may feel uncomfortable with e.g. drugs taking or stealing to prove ‘love’ and loyalty

Sometimes it can be difficult to spot the signs of CSE, but if you or someone you know has been asked to do sexual things in return for something then they may have been sexually exploited, even if the person who did it was a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend.

You may not be facing these pressures, but may know someone who may be.

Kayleigh’s Love Story

This video was developed by Leicestershire Police following the true case of a 15 year old girl who was groomed online by a man she didn’t know over the course of just 13 days and then was tragically murdered by his friend. The video is currently being used with schools in Leicestershire  to raise awareness of the importance of online safety.

Kayleigh Haywood began speaking to Luke Harlow, a man she had never met, on 31 October 2015.

Over the course of 13 days they exchanged 2643 messages. Harlow told the 15-year-old all the things many teenage girls want to hear. He told her she was beautiful, how much he cared for her and that she was special.

Harlow was grooming Kayleigh, along with two other young girls he had also been speaking to. But it was Kayleigh that finally agreed to his requests to spend the night of Friday 13 November 2015 at his house.

She spent the next day with him too, and in the early hours of Sunday 15 November, having been held against her will by Harlow and by his next door neighbour Stephen Beadman, Kayleigh was raped and murdered by Beadman.

Kayleigh’s Love Story is as a warning to young people, both girls and boys, about the dangers of speaking to people they don’t know online. The film highlights just how quick and easy it can be for children to be groomed online without them or those around them knowing it is happening. Its purpose is to protect children now and in the future and to stop another family losing a child in this way.

Facts about the film

The film lasts around five and a half minutes and is available to view now. The film was made by Affixxius Films in Loughborough and was shot in various locations across Leicestershire and in Nottingham. The film and the trailer both contain warnings. If either were to be screened at a cinema, they would carry a 15 certificate.

Further information and resources about CSE can be found on this website and information specifically for young can be found on the Merseyside Listen to my Story website:

The Story of Jay

This Video is available from

The video above is about Child Sexual Exploitation and shows although things may seem good at the beginning it is not always the case.



If you have any concerns about CSE for yourself or for someone else you can call Merseyside Police by dialling 101. You can also speak to Wirral children’s services by phoning 0151 606 2008.