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On this page you will find a number of useful leaflets across Merseyside relating to safeguarding.

Any abuse is wrong, everyone has the right to live their life free from violence, fear and abuse

For Knowsley

To report abuse or neglect of an adult at risk, or to discuss your concerns, contact Knowsley’s Multi-agency Safeguarding Adults Hub (MASH) 0151 443 2600. Or you can complete the ‘Raise a Concern’ form on the home page of Knowsley Council’s website. Police: Call 999 if a crime is happening now or someone needs police help in an emergency Call 101 if someone needs police help but it is not an emergency Crimestoppers – call anonymously on 0800 555 111- please click on the link below for the leaflet:


For Liverpool

For more information about safeguarding adults in Liverpool, visit our website please click on the link below for the leaflet:

Liverpool Adult Abuse Leaflet 12.11.2019

For Sefton

You can report the abuse of an adult with care and support needs to Sefton Council Adult Social Care Just phone 03451400845- please click on the link below for the leaflet:

Sefton Safeguarding booklet

and a Sefton Business Card:


For Wirral

This leaflet tells you what abuse is and how to keep yourself safe and is presented in an easy to read format.

Wirral Telephone: 0151 514 2222

Stop abuse and keep safe

Briefing: Alcohol and domestic abuse in the context of Covid-19 restrictions

In the wake of this global pandemic, figures already show an increase in domestic abuse reports around the world1 2. Lockdown measures require people to stay at home, even when that home may not be a safe place for them. This briefing offers some considerations relating to alcohol and domestic violence during the restrictions placed on households as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

How is domestic abuse related to alcohol use? Alcohol (and other drugs) do not cause domestic abuse. However, both perpetrators and victims of domestic abuse may drink alcohol. Research (Gadd et al., 2019; Graham et al., 2011) shows that alcohol can:

 increase the risk of perpetrating domestic abuse

 increase the risk of being a victim of domestic abuse

 increase the severity of domestic abuse

Please see the following leaflet by clicking on this link:

Briefing on alcohol and domestic abuse in context of Covid-19 1st April 2020

Hate Crime

The following posters are to support people recognise what hate crime is and where to get help.

Stop Hate Line explanation poster

Hate Crime in Chinese

Hate Crime in Korean

hate Crime in SHL Chinese simplified