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Escalation Policy

MSAB Escalation Policy

Effective working together depends on an open and honest approach to relationships between agencies. Problem resolution is an integral part of professional co-operation in a multi-agency approach to safeguard adults.

Occasionally situations arise when workers within one agency feel that the actions, inaction or decisions of another agency do not adequately safeguard an adult. Such situations have been highlighted in a number of case reviews. This inter-agency policy defines the process for resolving such professional differences and should be read alongside the local adult safeguarding procedures and relevant internal policies on escalating matters in dispute.

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MSAB Escalation policy Final V5 November 2020

Previous case reviews have highlighted the need for staff working in the multi-agency environment of safeguarding adults, to be able to properly and effectively raise particular concerns with colleagues and managers in partner agencies.   There is an expectation that in most circumstances a lack of consensus between professionals will be resolved quickly and informally with the interests of the individual being central to decision making.

In order to allow a professional approach to areas of any potential contention, which cannot be resolved informally, the Policy, Practice and Procedure subgroup of the board have produced a formal escalation procedure to provide a timely and collaborative approach to reaching informed outcomes.

It is anticipated that the need to invoke this policy will be infrequent, and only in exceptional circumstances.